I underestimated the Lib Dems

My calculations as to the additional costs of the Lib Dem local income tax were wildly out. The bean counters at Conservative Campaign HQ have been doing the maths and it seems that I have underestimated the costs. Here is what CCHQ say:

Local income tax would shift the tax burden onto hard working families, and cost many Londoners almost £1,500 a year more. Liberal Democrat politicians in London’s town halls already charge the highest council taxes and now their politicians in Westminster want soaring income taxes.

I don’t know what the average Lib Dem does for a living but they must all be on big money if they think that we are not paying enough taxes already. Perhaps they have money to burn.

2 responses to “I underestimated the Lib Dems

  1. “I said to my liberal friend that we are fundamentally the same. I spend money like its my money and you spend money like its my money” – Dick ArmeyLib Dems are masters of spending other people’s money because they just don’t care about anything or anyone.Also James, will you be adding your name to the Reinstate Roger Campaign supporters list? http://www.reinstateroger.com/. We are currently trying to gather even more support.You can email us at support@reinstateroger.com. Hope to hear from you soon.Again, good luck with your campaign in Lewisham. Everyone knows you are the right man for the job!

  2. Would shift the tax burden from whom? In order for “hard working families” to be paying more, presumably someone else is paying less. Who is it? Is this a case of a young couple with a combined income of £20k a year paying less and a hard-wordking family of a teacher and a doctor on a combined income of £70k paying more?

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