No council tax help for pensioners

Because Gordon Brown chose not to repeat the pre-election sweetener of a £200 rebate on council tax for pensioners, many of Lewisham’s older residents find themselves in real financial difficulties.

Philip Hammond is the Ex Chairman of East Lewisham Conservative Association and is now the Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary. He said “A third of the basic state pension increase since 1997 has been ruthlessly taken back in local taxes under Labour. Gordon Brown’s complex and degrading means-testing pension credit adds further insult to injury.”

Thepressuree that is being put on older people has manifested itself in the extra demand for help from organisations like our local Age Concern. It is currently because it is running out of money due to increased demand, this is exactly the kind of organisation that my Social Enterprise Unit will be looking to support.

Investing in an organisation like this will actually save money in the long run because many of the services that Age Concern provide will have to be taken up by the council. On top of that many people will feel much more comfortable getting help from Age Concern rather than from local government.

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