Campaign Launch

Today is the formal launch of the 2006 Conservative Campaign for Mayor of Lewisham.

The Conservatives came second in the Mayoral election in 2002 and I am confident that we can improve our position this time and bring about a positive change, a real step forward for Lewisham.

As you will be able to see from this site, I was born and brought up in Lewisham and I care deeply about making Lewisham a great place to live, work and learn. We have so much going for us here, a diverse and vibrant population, excellent transport links, great parks and open spaces and a number of traditional shopping areas.

Yet there are some things which could and should be improved. Crime rates are still too high, too few parents get their first choice of school, leisure provision is not good enough and recycling levels are far too low.

Despite these few negative points there are far more things that make Lewisham great than bring Lewisham down. What we need to do is fix the few things that let the borough down and turn Lewisham into the best borough in London. It can be done and this should be the aspiration of the Mayor of Lewisham, anything less is selling Lewisham short.

I want this improvement to be community led, the people of Lewisham working hand in hand with the Mayor and councillors to make everyone’s lives better.

Many of you reading this will not have voted Conservative in the past but please remember Labour have had decades to improve Lewisham and have failed to do so, I and the Conservatives have the best chance of beating Tony Blair’s local representatives and changing the way Lewisham is governed.

If you want true community driven local government, if you want efficient administration with less waste, if you want a fresh approach to the relationship between the council and the people of Lewisham, if you genuinely want to see a step forward for Lewisham vote for me on the 4th of May.

Thank you,

James Cleverly
Conservative Candidate for Mayor of Lewisham

8 responses to “Campaign Launch

  1. Woooo Hooo.James James, he’s our man, if he can’t do it no one can!(waves flag!)

  2. Michael,I am also concerned about the numbers and positioning of speed bumps.I will be announcing my transport and parking plans in the next few days. Please keep an eye out.

  3. James is there anything you can do about the bus lanes that cause congetsion, the one’s that are position badly making them dangerous. I am sure you know before the instruductions of the bus traffic congestion was non existant unless there was a accident or road works. The affect of the bus lanes is like having road works 7/7. If you take rushey green where it meets brownhill road A205 the lights used to let through 2 lanes of traffic but know its only 1 lane of trafic. So if the lights used let through 16 cars they now let through 6 and all the 6 cars start to mount up. Its the same at ladywell the juction has been changed with a short bus lane that effectly took a lane away for traffic. In the opposite direction outside the pool hall traffic in the left lane could go striaght acroos now its got turn left into courtland road. There is a tail back of traffic from the lights at ladywell where cars want to turn right with cars at courtland road like having nowhere to go.This is all down to political correctness and political dogma. If the bourghs didn’t co-operate with living stone he wouldn’t be able to impose these anti car policies.Michael

  4. James I have just read a story in the mail. Barnet council removed speed bumps, mini roundabouts and widen roads. The result was a dramatic fall in accident rates, beating the governments 2010 figures for accident reduction. I know that barnet also refused to enforce bus lanes by cctv.The plan was to improve traffic on major roads so drivers wouldn’t wouldn’t use residental roads as rat runs.This shows labours failed anti car policies are actually dangerous.I think the barnet result should be publicised as much as possible.Road groups have now called for all councils to remove speed bumps.On my road its a more dangerous excercise driving as drivers try advoid the bumps, speed up and slow down suddenly.Michael

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