No to the yellow box, yes to the Ladywell School

A bit of a mixed result last night at the town hall. The first half of my evening was watching the planning committee assess an umber of applications, including the revised application from Big Yellow Box.

Yet again the Big Yellow Box applicants didn’t come to the meeting so they weren’t able to witness the chorus of disapproval from local residents, elected members and council officers. Cllr Barrie Anderson made a short sharp statement outlining the Conservatives position on this. We don’t want it. Cllr David Britton reinforced this as he proposed the application be turned down.

Cllr Ingleby could learn a thing or two about public speaking from these guys, he recited a long list of planning guidelines, officers advice, legal summaries etc. By the end of it I, and most of the residents, were struggling to stay awake and had probably forgotten what point he was trying to make. At least he opposed it.

The application was refused.

Next it was upstairs to listen to a decision on the new school at Ladywell. Unfortunately I missed some of the debate because I was at the planning meeting. Various interested groups were debating the merits of the site and ultimately voted in favour of the site. A more complete assessment of the evening can be read here.

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