Help a lost Liberal Democrat

The people of Lewisham are a friendly and helpful bunch, so I am calling on everyone to come to the aid of strangers to the borough who may be lost, disorientated and confused.

People like the Liberal Democrats for example.

It is completely understandable that they have trouble finding their bearings and their way around the borough; their mayoral candidate has lived in Lewisham for just a few weeks.

Their lack of local knowledge has come to light in their latest newsletter. They express great concern and promise great action over the closure of the New Tiger’s Head pub at the Lee Green crossroads.

The problem is that the New Tiger’s Head is in the London Borough of Greenwich. I’ll buy you all a map after the election.

4 responses to “Help a lost Liberal Democrat

  1. Oops! 😀 Maybe a red line like in the A to Z is needed along Lee Road and Eltham Road? I noticed this the other week when balancing on the borough line – it’s a shame that such an historic boozer is now boarded up. If anyone knows what will happen to it or why it’s shut – this next door neighbour would be interested.

  2. Labour are almost as bad.While canvassing during the general election I knocked on a door in Collins Street (between Blackheath Station and John Ball School, I’ll send directions to any Lib Dems reading) and the residents told me that they had a received a leaflet promoting Nick Raynsford MP (Greenwich & Woolwich).That is a good couple of hundred yards off their patch. I think that Labour and the Lib Dems will have to invest GPSs for deliverers, or a properly marked up map at least.

  3. Moe – The New Tigers Head has been closed by the owners, Enterprise Inns, and put up for sale. I’ve been in contact with their area manager, who basically says that the pub has ceased to be viable for them since Wetherspoons opened in Leegate, and after several new attempts to make a go of it with new licencees, they’ve had to pull the plug. The guy I’ve been talking to doesn’t know who will buy it yet – but even he expressed a hope that the present building would be preserved – LB Greenwich have confirmed to me that it’s not listed or under any other kind of conservation order. If you email me – – I can fwd you the correspondence I’ve had on the subject.James – I’m not sure which of the *two* leaflets we’ve issued which refer to the New Tigers Head you’re talking about. I’m well aware that it’s in LB Greenwich – as are my three Greenwich Liberal Democrat colleagues who represent the ward it’s in (!) – and who me, Sven and Cllr. Paul Bentley have been working closely with on this issue. One of the leaflets we’ve issued in Lee Green explcitly states it’s in LBG, the other more recent, ward-wide edition, doesn’t (mainly because of lack of space – we had so much else we wanted to cram in!) – but certainly doesn’t suggest it’s in Lewisham – I’m curious as to why you’d want to claim we do make out it’s in Lewisham…?I’m sure local residents know who’s been keeping in touch on this issue, and will make their judgement on the best team to fight for Lee Green at the elections in May.Brian RobsonLee Green LibDem Focus Team

  4. Brian,Methinks the lady doth protest too much.Where did I cliam that you made out the New Tiger’s Head was in Lewisham?What I said was that the pub was not in the borough that you hope to represent and that your mayoral candidate has only lived here for a few weeks.By the way I shuld be in bed.James

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