News of the loos

In response to an article about public toilets in the local paper one of the Labour hopefuls for Lewisham council sent off this little message

YOUR double-page article on loos represented much which is good about journalism – an important story with good pictures dealt with in an amusing way but raising issues of concern.

Over the last 20 to 30 years, the reduction in the number of public loos has been a disgrace, and where there are loos, they often charge 50p a visit – as the ones in the centre of Westminster do. Loos are extremely important, and not only for the elderly but for the young as well. Areas like Lewisham Shopping Centre with its market need better facilities.

I can assure you that Labour’s campaign team for central Lewisham will ensure that this matter is dealt with the utmost urgency by the new council in May 2006.

Anthony Kendall, Labour campaign team for Lewisham Central ward

Apart from his desperate attempt to ingratiate himself with the paper, the correspondent seems to have forgotten that his party have been responsible for Lewisham’s public toilet provision for the last few decades and if the reduction is a disgrace it’s Labour’s fault. Jumping on the bandwagon now and promising to look into the “issue” after the election is a bit weak. If he does get in I will check to see how much of a loo champion Anthony turns out to be.

I would have expected the Lib Dems to champion this kind of thing, they are usually the party of spurious “local” campaigns. I wait with bated breath for the Lib Dems newsletter claiming that the “Liberal Democrat campaigner looks into local loos”

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