A day late and a dollar short

I read this and had to stifle the bile rising up. This government has presided over a period of protracted persecution of the British military. The ability of commanders, at all levels, to do their job has been severely curtailed because of the ever-present fear of legal actions against them.

From Lt. Colonel Mendonca of the Queens Lancashire Regiment to the young Paras whose cases were thrown out due to lack of evidence our troops have been faced with enemies on both sides.

I have absolutely no sympathy for soldiers who abuse prisoners; they should be brought to justice. But soldiers sometimes have to kill people in the line of duty, they need to make the decision to kill under intense pressure and often in a split second and it is never an easy decision. If they are not supported when they make those decisions the whole system will fail, the moral of our soldiers is being deeply undermined by the litigious attitude of the very Government that sends them into these dangerous places.

To hear a representative of the least supportive, most condemning government tell us to be more supportive and less condemning is truly sickening. The Government needs to say less and do more to support our troops.

I’ll stop writing now before I say something that will lose me my commission.

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