Nicest people in the world

I was on a business trip to Leeds yesterday and had a catalogue of minor disasters, more details to follow. Despite having a bit of a torrid time the people of Leeds have definitely put themselves onto the James Cleverly shortlist for the nicest people in the world.

Upon entering a multi story car park I lowered the window of the car to get the ticket from the machine and was then unable to make it go back up again. I didn’t have enough time to do anything about it before my meeting started so I had to leave it wound down, in a public car park for two hours.

I came back to find that nothing had happened, nothing at all. 10 points to the people of Leeds. I then went off to find a garage to sort out the window before my drive back to London, at 5.20 I found one. They were in the process of closing up but were sympathetic to my plight, ten minutes later the window was secured and I was heading down the M1 to London.

They charged me absolutly nothing, and not only did they do the work for free but they also gave me a can of de-icer. Top work.
The trip home would have been a real high for me because of the kind actions of Leeds’ mechanics had I not been driven into by a truck. I now have lovely scratches and tyre marks down the offside of Susie’s car. Photos to follow.

2 responses to “Nicest people in the world

  1. Us Northerners are like that you know. Although coming from Derbyshire we are always surprised to hear of a Yorkshire man giving something away. Are you sure that lorry wasnt coming after that can of de-icer you thought they had given you for free?

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