Almost spotting a Royal

I spent the weekend assessing the military leaders of tomorrow.

The young men and women of University of London Officer Training Corps were being put through their planning and decision making paces. They proved to be very much on top of their brief.

Seeing people in their late teens and early twenties make complicated decisions under pressure gave me a lot of confidence in the future of the British Army. I wish I could say the same when I look at Labour politicians.

The training took place near the famous Aldershot garrison (home of the Airborne forces for many years) over a very, very cold few days. The views from Creaser’s Camp are impressive, as was the Northwesterly wind.

As we finished on Sunday morning a steady stream of young men in combat trousers, backpacks and yellow rugby tops ran by. Ahhhh, the unmistakeable sight of the 1st term students from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

I imagine that Prince William (Officer Cadet Wales) was amongst them, I didn’t see him though.

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