HRH Prince of Wales shows how loyalty works

General Richie is the honorary Colonel of 100 Regiment Royal Artillery, the regiment I served in for many years. I won’t bore you with a definition of honorary Colonel, suffice it to say I have met him on a number of occasions, he is a very professional soldier and surprisingly easy to get on with. The rumor has it that when he commanded 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery he was a tough customer.

The security breach at Sandhurst was big news at the time but anyone who has been there will know that it is not a 100% secure establishment, it never will be. The grainy long range photos of Prince Harry taken last year by the Sun tell us what we already know, the Royal Family have chosen not to hide behind bullet proof glass. This puts them at a degree of risk, that is what they have chosen.

It is entirely inappropriate for politicians to call for Gen. Richie’s head on a plate, it was entirely appropriate for the Prince of Wales to support the General. When dealing with out troops in the field the Government could learn a lesson from him.

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