I like marriage

New year’s eve 1999. My wife, my Mum, my Dad and I were in a small villa in southern Spain at a party with some old family friends. I have known them for as long as I can remember and they have always been great fun, their invite to, what turned out to be, a great party was welcome and very generous, they also happen to be gay.

Until recently had one of them been injured or become seriously ill the other would not have had automatic visiting rights at hospital or any say in resuscitation decision. I cannot imagine how I would feel if Susie were in that situation and I was not allowed to be involved. For me this argument is the plainest and simplest reason for supporting civil partnerships.

I like marriage and I think that in most cases if is a force for good, I also strongly believe in the family, I don’t feel that the two are incompatible. Gay “marriage” takes nothing away from heterosexual marriage and while there will be some civil partnerships which are done for the wrong reasons the same can be said of straight marriage.

Best of luck I say.

4 responses to “I like marriage

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you. Been reading your blog via David Cameron on facebook. You strike as a very honest man. Wish you all the best. Keep up the good fight for freedom. In these turbulent times, we need true “liberal”, in the classic political sense, like you.

  2. JamesNice to see your comment here on this issue. My (male) partner and I are thinking of getting married this year, and that will be for the right reasons.I have however, been to civil partnerships which are clearly done for the wrong reasons – such as cranking up the John Lewis wedding list just for a new dinner set.Best of luck with everything.Jamie

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