Beginning of the end or end of the beginning?

Another turbulent week.

Tony Blair has suffered his first defeat in the House of Commons. I was going to say that the Government has suffered a defeat but the reports suggest that it was Tony that forced through the 90 day detention against the wishes of the cabinet. The style of coverage show quite a degree of variety from the Telegraph to the Sun.

I am pleased to see that Dominic Grieve had a large to play in stopping Labour taking away more of our civil liberties.


It also seems to be that there are two types of terrorists. 1. The type of terrorist that we want to placate, e.g. republican terrorists. 2. A whole religion who we want to turn into terrorists by locking them up for three months without charge.


Its good to see a local lad doing really well in a national swimming competition. St Joseph’s is just up the road from me at hasn’t got a great academic record so it is great to hear some good news coming from there. Lets hope that there is still a swimming pool around next year for another generation of Olympiads.


Today I attended the service of remembrance at the Lewisham war memorial. It is the first time that I have attended a memorial service out of uniform, it was all I could do not to salute.

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