After the initial shock of loud bangs at bedtime Freddy is now in love with fireworks. The display on Blackheath was fantastic and Freddy hasn’t stopped talking about it. Rosie on the other hand has had a nightmare time, she has been trembling uncontrollably for the last two nights, thankfully it is only once a year.


It seems that I am not the only one who doesn’t think that Blunkett’s actions were “above reproach”, Sir Alistair Graham thinks so too. Sir John Major goes further by blaming the whole Labour party culture.

Could Tessa Jowell be next?


It is essential that British soldiers are held to account when they break the law, indeed I feel that it is right they they should be punished more severely than civilians when found guilty of an offence.

When unfounded and spurious allegations are thrown at our soldiers it both demoralises them and weakens our ability to bring any true criminals to justice these two articles make interesting reading. One from Rod Liddle and one from Mark Townsend.

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