A good rest

To those of you who visit this site regularly, and there are some even now that the election is over, I apologise for not updating this BLOG until now. I have spent the last few weeks focusing on work and family which are both in need of attention.

I am amazed to see how brazen Blair has been in stealing the headline initiatives that the Conservatives were promoting. He is shameless.

What amazes me is that the voters of this country cannot see through this sham government.


I watched a TV documentary about an undercover reporter who exposed the dirty tricks and the media manipulation that was carried out by Labour during the general election campaign. I thought it was fairly damning stuff. When I discussed it at work I was shocked by how unmoved my colleagues were. They were being systematically lied to be the party of government and they didn’t seem to care.

They say that in a democracy you get the government that you deserve and I now believe it wholeheartedly. It has made me even more determined to pursue a career in politics because I want to make sure that there is at least one person in Westminster who is completely appalled by the cynical attitude showed by Labour in the program.


Politically I am nothing. All the unsuccessful Conservative candidates received a letter telling us that the candidates’ list had been dissolved and that we will all need to re-apply. Until I am accepted onto the new list I am officially nothing, just a punter like everyone else. I am sure it will help to keep me grounded.


Who have I got my money on in the Conservative leadership race? I think that David Davis is making a very strong showing and would be the most logical place to put a flutter, which is why I dot think he will get it. The party seems to have a habit of not picking the obvious contender.

I wouldn’t have a problem with Davis, I don’t subscribe to the hard line caricature of him at all. He takes a tougher line on some social issues than I do but I agree with him wholeheartedly on idea that the state should be small, efficient and discrete. I also think that as a party we should have the courage to make the moral case for lower tax and less state interference, and not bowing to the emotional blackmail of the big state brigade.

I generally feel more politically affinity with David Cameron but I think that his relative inexperience in the house and a desire to update the party’s image may cause difficulties. I would hope that the more experienced heads in the party stand shoulder to shoulder with him if he does win and not throw him to the wolves.

I think that as a party we have grown up at last and will accept that whoever get the top job needs the support of the whole party to succeed. the real battle is with the Labour party not with other Conservatives.

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