After years of telling us we’re wrong they now admit we we’re right

The new education secretary wants to make exams harder. This intrigues me, for years the Conservatives have said that the exam system is becoming increasingly devalued and that it needs to be looked at. For years we were told that exams were just fine as they were, that teachers were more effective and that we were just trying to undermine the hard working kids.

Now, just a few months before an election, everyone is told that exams need to be overhauled and made harder.

Now where have I heard that kind of thing before?

For years we were told that the UK’s immigration system was just fine and that we should just shut up complaining. Then, just a few months before an election, the government says that it needs a radical overhaul.

What next? For years we were told that there is nothing wrong with the numbers or utilisation of police officers. For years we were told that there is nothing wrong with our relationship with Europe. For years we were told that there was no fiddling of waiting list figures.

Watch this space.


When will this government realise that what is good for their trendy friends in Islington is not good for everyone. Cannabis for example, they probably thought that there is little wrong with a quick puff after a dinner party and that it is silly to have it as a class B drug. Downgrade it, stop worrying about it and feel a little bit more like a cool, with it, modern politician. No problem!

Not for you mate, but for the kids who are now a lot more likely to get involved with drugs it is! Downgrading cannabis has caused an increase in its purchase, this means more people interacting with drug dealers, the same drug dealers who will try to push them towards harder drugs with a greater profit margin.

I don’t like to say we told you so, but we did tell you so.


I spent the day yesterday looking after Freddy, Rupert and the dog on my own, with no help, alone. It was very, very, very hard work. I have always been very grateful to Susie for letting me have the free time to do the canvassing and campaigning which fills much of my life, I realise now that I have underestimated how much she has to do to let that happen. Thank you.


Drug surge – Observer

Tough new exams, just like the old ones – Telegraph

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