He’s only gone an’ done it

Labour Councillor Neil Semple has finally done the decent thing and resigned, having come under consistent pressure for two years he has admitted that living and working in Scotland makes his position as a councillor in South East London look a little foolish. This now means a by-election in the Lee Green ward for the third time in 3 years.

I think that this is becoming a bit of a joke. The first Labour councillor lasted less than two months, the second Lib Dem councillor lasted less than a year (having been voted in to replace the Labour guy who left) and now Semple is standing down having spent most of his time as an elected representative in a different country. I think it is about time the good people of Lee vote in someone who takes the job seriously.


Tony Blair might look back on his Richard and Judy appearance with a certain degree of embarrassment. The interview itself was fairly easy, he is much practiced in this, where he let himself down badly was appearing on the quiz section of the show.

Firstly appearing on a quiz called “You say, we pay” is not well advised when you said “no tax rises” and now we pay for 66 tax increases. Secondly he was rubbish, completely and utterly rubbish.

And he doesn’t buy his wife flowers!


These two events have got me thinking. Why has Semple resigned now after withstanding two years of criticism and why has Tony decided to appear on Punch and Judy now of all times? Could it be that there is an election more imminent than the 5th of May?

Watch this space.


Best wishes to the happy couple – Telegraph

Stranger than fiction – Telegraph

Quangos can go – BBC News

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