Playing by the rules

I have said in the past that the measure of the new Home Secretary would be whether or not he was willing to distance himself from the extreme measures that David Blunkett was pushing through. It seems as though he is not willing to stand up for the legal system.

Having been forced by the Law Lords (that unelected, unrepresentative bunch of reactionaries) to play by the rules Charles Clark is now twisting and turning in an attempt to shortcut the legal process. Having been told that internment for foreign nationals was racist, Charles decided that his best option was to intern everyone.

It is remarkable that when faced with a dilemma like this the government’s instinct is to dramatically increase their own powers.

There is a fundamental problem with the Nu Labour clique and this is an example of it, they are control freaks. It is the only explanation for their total distrust of the courts, the Lords, the Commons, the electorate, everyone. This distrust borders on contempt.


You can’t, you can, you can’t, here is an expensive PR campaign to explain. This is a great formula, it worked so badly for the changes to the legal status of cannabis that it was used again for the legal status of home owners who defend themselves and their property.


My wishes go out to the families of the Army and RAF personnel who lost their lives in the Hercules crash. I also think that it is important to remember the hundreds of Iraqis and Americans who have lost their lives in the conflict, irrespective of your views on the political motives of the war the soldiers of all nations are just doing a job.


What you can do to burglars – Telegraph

A sorry excuse from the IRA – BBC News

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