Free at last

After two weeks of sitting around I have been released from jury service having spent a grand total of four minutes inside a court room. The time wasn’t completely wasted however, I managed to read Enduring Love by Ian McEwan and re-read 1984 by George Orwell, both fantastic books.

Last night I was a guest on BBC Radio London’s Dotun Adebayo and Amina Taylor show. The talk show was fun and the feedback from the callers was very interesting, a number of callers felt that the immigration proposals were “racist” even though none of then could explain why they felt that. It is clear that as a party we have a bit of a mountain to climb with our public image in some areas, so what’s new?
The election in Iraq seems to have gone remarkable well, I have to admit I am somewhat surprised, pleasantly surprised!
First a pig and now Fagin, when will the Labour ad men realise how insulting they are being. Talk about playing the race card.
It is very pleasing to see that the government is finally realising that it has to play by the rules. The fact the three of the internees at Belmarsh have been granted bail is fair and proper, if they are as dangerous as we are told they should be arrested, charged and convicted, if they are not dangerous they should be released.
A peace tax – Guardian
Not a well man – Telegraph

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