Still not sleeping

Despite Susie’s best efforts Rupert is still not getting the hang of the whole sleeping thing. My understanding was that babies need lots of sleep, Rupert seems to be ignoring this golden rule. He only sleeps when either Susie or I hold him, but we can’t hold him for 18 hours a day. I know that I will probably be inviting a tidal wave of advice by posting this and I thank you in advance but I would be surprised if anyone comes up with anything that we have not already tried.


I hear from the news that the Black Watch are heading north today to assist in the American controlled sector of Iraq. God speed and best wishes.

I hope that this proves to the public that our soldiers (especially our infantry) are highly professional, highly flexible and absolutely essential. The fact that Geoff Hoon wants to scrap so much of the infantry is therefore ludicrous. People are focused on home matters and public services, and rightly so, but we should also remember that this government is betraying our armed forces and should be punished at the next elections.

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