Welcome Home

I apologise to anyone who visits this site regularly (there does seem to be a few) for not updating much this month, as you probably know Susie and I have had the arrival of Rupert to deal with as well as looking after Freddy and the dog. I had forgotten just how disruptive a new born baby can be!


The soldiers from my regiment that have been in the Gulf for the last 7 months are starting to come back to the UK and after a short post deployment leave they will be returning to their civilian jobs. We have been lucky so far, no fatalities, no serious injuries and only one near miss.

The next big challenge will be to see how well they can get back into the swing of work and how well their employers welcome them back. I was thinking of using this website to “name and shame” any employers that try to shirk their responsibilities but I would probably prejudice any employment tribunal so I won’t.

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