Busy, busy, busy

The early part of last week and the beginning of this week have been nothing if not hectic. On Thursday various tasks forced me to embark on a marathon driving session, from home up to Luton, then to Romford, then to Bristol and then on to an army dinner in Taunton. The dinner was with the Wessex RFCA (Reserve Forces and Cadets Association) and was a good opportunity to meet other people involved with the TA and cadets. The cadets are having a huge problem recruiting adult instructors at the moment, the ongoing threat of vindictive legal action is scaring many away and now that Julian Brazier’s private members bill was talked out there doesn’t look as if the situation will change.

The dinner finished at midnight and I drove back home, getting to bed at about 4 in the morning.


I was up at 7 for a golf day for the employers of TA soldiers who have deployed to Iraq, this was held at the Bedfordshire Golf Club and gave these business people a chance to talk about the TA in a relaxed environment. The day culminated with a dinner and a talk from Capt. Mark Thurley who is a teacher by profession and who had deployed to Iraq earlier this year, the talk was a very personal account of his experiences and was informative, funny and moving. The event finished at 10pm and I got to bed at midnight.


Saturday was a political day, campaigning in the morning about a phone mast in Lee and about the swimming pool closure in the afternoon. Sunday was the first day, in what seems like an eternity, that I was able to spend some time with my family.

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