Lib Dems all things to all people, except themselves

Interesting story about infighting in the Liberal Democrats party. We have all been aware for some time that they have tried to be all things to all people, soft Tories in the south west of England and in south west London and left of Labour in Brent East and Leicester South.

It seems that this political split personality is for their public face only, differences in views are causing a bit of a commotion up at Lib Dem HQ in Cowley Street. There is a publication called the Orange book that has been put together by a number of “modernisers” within the party, it outlines some policy ideas which they feel would make the party more electable. There are some heavy weight (for the Lib Dems) supporting the publication including a forward written by the party leader Charles Kennedy.

There was an almost immediate condemnation of the publication by senior Lib Dems including the party leader Charles Kennedy!!!!!!!!!! Talk about the tail wagging the dog, Champagne Charlie is so keen to be on the winning side he is willing to support and then oppose ideas at the same time, now that takes some doing.


Labour seems also to be tearing itself to pieces, the resignation of Andrew Smith follows a summer of back biting and negative briefings from within the Labour party itself. This looks like it is the public face of the ongoing rift between Number 10 and Number 11.

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