Not watching the Olympics

Despite my love of sport I find myself not addicted to the Olympics. This worries me. Life at the moment is pretty busy, Army work during the day and a number of weekends, political work in the evenings and a number of weekends, family whenever I can and walking Rosie at least once a day.

Susie is getting bigger and finding it increasingly difficult to do much around the house, luckily Freddy seems to love watching sport on the TV so that Susie at least gets a chance to sit down with him in relative peace for half an hour or so. The only problem comes when he want to act out the sport that he has been watching on the box, football was not to much of a problem, pole vault was a bit more of an issue, as was diving.


Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is one of the great things about being a parent. I went with Susie to her midwife appointment this morning and Freddy came with us. While we were there Freddy told me that He and Mummy had been watching golf with horses, I looked quizzically at Susie who simply said the word “Polo”.


It seems that I am loved by the country. Not me personally unfortunately but the British Armed Forces. Thank you. An article in the Telegraph showed that we were up there with the best of them in terms of public trust, much higher than politicians. Perhaps the popularity conscious government will see this and think twice about decimating the Army, Navy and RAF? I doubt it!

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