Ladywell pool and trouble in Sudan

This evening I went to a very well attended meeting of people opposed to the closure of Ladywell Leisure centre. The meeting was in a very hot room within the centre itself and the opposition to the plan comes from across the complete political spectrum, there were Lib-Dems, Greens, Respect and me representing the Conservatives. The only group not attending was the Labour party, the Labour Mayor of Lewisham is pushing through the plans and the Labour councillors in Lewisham are complicit.

The website for the action group is:

I will support their plans and will continue to fight the demolition on a personal level.


Today was another scorcher.


Sudan is coming under increasing pressure to get a grip of the situation in Darfur, there is the implicit threat of military action if they don’t. A number of MPs have asked that the British Army get involved, I am keen to see which soldiers exactly they are planning to send. Very few MPs have had any military service and there seems to be a belief that the Army comes out of a cornucopia and that as long as the cause is just there will be some soldiers ready and able to step in. I’m sorry but the sad truth is that the Army is stretched to breaking point and unless the latest spending review is scrapped we will not be able to dash at a moment’s notice to help the poor and oppressed of the world. Up the spend or cut the commitments!

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