Four generations of Cleverlys

Sunday was spent at my aunt and uncles new house in Sussex, a very impressive house built just before WW1 from beams and other timber originating from a 16th century farmhouse. The weather held out for us and we were able to sit in the garden all afternoon, Freddy is showing some natural aptitude for golf. With a bit of luck he’ll be the next Tiger Woods and can keep us all.

The one of the best things about the day was that Great Aunt Mary (or Great, Great Aunt Mary to Freddy) was able to come. She is 89 and her presence meant that there were four generations of our family together, the younger generation were a bit of a handful for her but her home made honey biscuits went down very well. She is a remarkable woman, she still lives independently and drove herself from Wiltshire to be at the gathering, if I can talk as eloquently in my late 80s as she can I will be very happy. To be honest if I could talk as eloquently now as she does I would be happy.


I was very interested to see that the Labour government are looking into sending British troops to Sudan, a low tech, infantry orientated operation in the very week that they have announced the decision to cut the number of infantry battalions and spend a larger proportion of money on high tech weaponry. It beggars belief.

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