Drinks with Nick Soames

I spent the evening in Haywards Heath, Mid Sussex. It is both the town of my wife’s birth and the centre of Nick Soames’ constituency. I was attending a function organized by the Conservative Futures team down there, in a small and rather warm bar Nick spoke about international relations, defence, Zimbabwe and a range of other subjects to an audience mostly in their early twenties. It showed me two things. 1 – The range of political interests that young people hold is very wide. 2 – Nick Soames is very good at talking to young people.


A good friend of mine has just arrived from Iraq for a couple of weeks of leave. He flew in just as the Defence Secretary announced widespread cuts in our armed forces, you can imagine his reaction.


For those of you who follow this BLOG mainly to get updates on my son’s toiletry habits I will not disappoint. He has now mastered the art of standing up to wee although he struggles to pull him pants back up unaided. Rosey, the dog, also seems to have grasped the idea of not weeing in the house. They both have the shared disadvantage of being young and having small bladders so neither can yet make it the whole way through the night without having to wee. Freddy does it in his nappy, Rosey does it on newspaper on the kitchen floor.


On the subject of my dog and not wishing to alienate big chunks of the electorate, why oh why do people who are afraid of dogs walk through the dog exercise area in the park?

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