Education, Education, Education

This is the topic of the moment, the battle lines of the two main parties have been drawn. We Conservatives want parents to have the right to choose how and where their children are educated, we want to see schools with the freedom to make decisions, we want to see a significant increase in quality. The Labour party seem to want the same thing, good on them.

The main difference is the caveats that Labour want to put in place. Parents with the right to choose but only from the state sector. Schools with freedom, unless their policies conflict with left wing dogma. Increases in quality as long as all schools are at the same level. The Labour party has yet again mistaken equality with uniformity and uniformity at the lowest common denominator at that.


The education on my son continues at a pace. I don’t want to tempt fate but the toilet training seems to be going better than we have any right to expect. At just over 26 months old he has mastered the habit of telling us when he needs to go to the loo and even wees standing up! It looks as though we might be getting completely dry nights before he is 3.


I am also in the middle of training our puppy Rosie, this is not going quite so well as with Freddy. I may be expecting too much from her at only 12 weeks but it is very infuriating when she bounds off and refuses to come back, I have decided to look into the option of professional help. I was thinking about using this website to solicit advice but if my experience of the advice that we received when Freddy was born is anything to go by I’ll never finish reading all the responses.

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