Two weeks in the sun

Majorca, Florida, Portugal and numerous other places around the world had two weeks of glorious sunshine. The Otterburn Military Training Area in Northumbria however did not.

The reason that there has been a big gap in the BLOG entries is because I have spent the last two weeks on exercise with my regiment, 100 (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers) in Northumbria and Scotland.

I do not feel that many of the readers of this BLOG would find much of interest in the detail of the exercise, suffice to say that midges, rain and very little sleep all had a major part to play in the proceedings. My Battery won the regimental best battery competition and one of the gun detachments from my Battery won the best detachment competition. I was very pleased with how the guys performed.


I did feel rather guilty about introducing a new puppy into the household and then disappearing for two weeks, if the tearful messages on my mobile were anything to go by Susie was having a much harder time in South London than I was having “up north”. She was, as always, able to rise above the situation and deal with it all with dignity. (If you think that I am being so flattering to get myself off the hook, you’re right. Still, it doesn’t mean it’s not true)

Being away meant that I missed most of the European Cup but enough coverage got through Clydebank to see that the Scots were so very pleased with the nature of England’s departure from the competition. I am sure that Anglophobia isn’t universal north of the border but it is certainly common and make one want to say “grow up!”, this allied with the ongoing saga of the Scottish Parliament building gives a lot of ammunition to the “they’re unfit to govern themselves” camp. I would say to the Scottish people, as someone who has lived in the country and has a positive predisposition towards the Scots, be less concerned with hating the English and you will find that the English are far more proud of you than you think.

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