East of England flood exercise

For the last two days I have been in a large room in Lincoln with two other Army Majors, senior representatives of the Lincolnshire’s Constabulary, Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service, the NHS Trust, utility companies and representatives from the Environment Agency. We were all pretending that there was a massive flood along the east coast.

Similar control rooms were set up in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent and North Wales. This was a very large scale civil emergency exercise! There were a number of points that I took away from this:

1 The blue light services work very differently to the Army.
2 A lot of people need to be involved in a major incident like this.
3 It would take many months for the area to get back to normality.
4 Terrorism is not the only thing we need to worry about!

I was very impressed by both the scale of the exercise and the professionalism of the people taking part.


A lorry rolled over on Lee High Road on Tuesday night creating a consternation at the Lee Green cross road. Yet again details are sketchy at the moment.


The 10th of June may well go down in history as the date of the electoral cock up. The debacle in the all postal vote areas was bad enough but not to be out done Lee Green had its own piece of polling day drama. The polling station at St Winifred’s School in Lee ran out of ballot papers at 8.30 in the evening, a number of people had to wait until more papers were brought out.

Some waited, some just didn’t bother to vote.

I would have thought that the formula would be quite simple, take the number of received postal votes from the number of people on the electoral roll in that polling district and the remainder is the number of ballot papers that you need. Some one didn’t get it right! The council are looking into it.

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