Keeping Busy

As you can imagine the tail end of the week was a busy period. The very late night on Thursday made Friday a bit tough. I am planning an “Employers’ Evening” at the TA Centre in Bristol so most of the morning was spent doing the preliminary work for that. I found out that I have been nominated to take part in an emergency planning exercise in the East Midlands this week, it will exercise the emergency services and the armed forces in their ability to react to major flooding in the area. It should be interesting.


On Friday afternoon Susie, Freddy and I drove up to Bury St Edmunds to spend the weekend. This was paid for by Susie’s employer, she had won an incentive and a weekend away was the prize, very nice. This gave me the chance to spend “quality time” with Susie and Freddy, something I have had very little chance to do recently. The laptop was banned (hence no BLOG) and we all just relaxed. I had so much fun just being in the company of my family, we got Freddy back into a swimming pool and after a bit of hesitation he loved it. I have to thank my wife for this time together, for winning the trip, for organizing the hotel and for being wonderful.


The results from the London elections were coming out over the weekend but I chose not to find out about them until we got back. Sunday evening was very interesting, Labour in meltdown, UKIP picking up a big anti EU protest vote and the Lib-Dems claiming great things of even the most modest of results. The news of Conservatives wasn’t universally great but the overall picture is pretty clear, we are back!

Even the most partisan left winger would have to concede that these elections were very bad for Labour. The Conservatives now have the kind of lead that we need to win the next general election and I can’t see what Tony Blair would be willing or able to do about that.


As if my life was not busy enough we picked up a new puppy on Sunday, Rosie is an 8 week old German Shorthaired Pointer. She is generally very well behaved but like all young puppies does not like being left alone, even for a instant. She is still a bit boisterous and Freddy swings between being scared of her and wanting to cuddle her, they will have to get used to each other quickly as I leave them both alone with Susie while I go on exercise for two weeks with the Army. I apologize in advance to my long suffering wife.

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