Weekend in the sun

Spent Saturday canvassing with Brian Chipps and other members of the local association around Lee Green. There is still some support for the local independent candidate , who we bumped into while we were out. He seemed nice enough, he’s mainly campaigning on national issues rather than local stuff. His support is very localized and seems to be coming from disillusioned Labour voters, it will be interesting to look at the results. The fact that the Lib Dem councillor resigned so soon after taking up her seat seems to have dented their support quite a bit as well, I think that this will make this election a tight one between ourselves and the Lib Dems. Labour look as though they might get a stuffing, might even be beaten by the independent candidate.
As we are getting a new puppy in a few weekends time, Susie has made me fix the fence in the garden. So, armed with some screws and wood I set to work. I did my usual trick of getting over involved and rather than just fixing the fence and leaving it at that, I built the steps up to the lawn, planted some chamomile and thyme in amongst them and some jasmine against the back fence. Freddy was “helping” me and Susie seemed very pleased with the results, so time well spent.
Visited my parents on Monday, dad has now completed most of the work on the car port. “Car port” sound so ugly but dad’s is built out of green oak and fits in very nicely with the arts and crafts look of the house.
Had the chance to catch up with a close TA mate of mine, who has recently come back from OP TELIC (Iraq). His feedback was very interesting, I won’t go into the details here because a lot of it is very military.

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